Tuesday, 18 August 2009

You Know When...

...Your just having one of those days. I have just had one of those mornings. Everything went wrong. It all started the night before. I decided to go mountain biking. So i had to clean my bike and pump up my tires. I got out my track pump, i use when i am at home, but it broke into a million pieces. So i thought "I have a pump in my car, i will do it when i get to the car park tomorrow". Big mistake.

This morning i was really good. I got up early, had porridge and golden syrup before making my way out of the house, into my car and made the 5 minute journey to the trail car park. I started to inflate the tire up with my little hand pump and then that pump broke. The only people in the car park did not have a pump so i had to walk all the way up to the visitor centre. I eventually found someone with a pump and i started to inflate my tire once again and i snapped the valve off of the inner tube. Great, so i ran off back to my car to get a spare tube. I took the old one out and then while putting the tire back on i snapped the tire lever. So i stupidly used my keys and bent my house key. I finally got the tube in, tire on and it pumped up.

I started on the trail and all the way up i kept on having to push up a section or i was always getting my tire stuck in a rut which nearly always meant me falling off the bike. I did this a couple of times and lost my water bottle out of the holder. I only noticed this half way up the climb. So i had to get off, walk back down the trail and scramble through the shrubs to find it. I found it and carried on up to the first rest point.

It was really weird because i have done this trail tons of times and i have never noticed or gone up to it and had a proper look at this sculpture. From another of my posts The Fwrrwm, you might know that i quite like carvings and sculptures out off wood. So i was immediately drawn to this.
I probably never really take any notice of this sculpture. Normally i keep on going and stop right at the top of the climb rather than at this rest stop. But i was so wizzed off with myself, on this occasion, i had to stop. I found another one a couple of miles further on. I have noticed this one before. I just have never gone up to it and had a proper look before.
So after all of the festivities of the morning, the rest of the ride went ok. Even though the ride wasn't exactly the best, i did find come cool fungi.
I have no clue what type of mushroom this is of but i thought i was really cool. If you do know what it is called?! Please let me all know. Oh by the way, the mushroom isn't as big as my bike, my bike is just a little further down the trail.

I suppose the moral of this story is to be more prepared. Next time i might be. But first i have to buy another hand pump and track pump.
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