Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Fwrrwm

Well it was yet another wet day. But we (me and my girlfriend) decided to venture out and get some lunch. We decided to get lunch at a little place called the Fwrrwm in Caerleon. It's about 5 minutes from where my girlfriend lives.
So we parked up and instantly i knew i chose the wrong foot wear for this occasion. I found a massive hole in the sole of my shoe and was squelching around for the rest of the afternoon.
Not only is it a cafe but it boasts some really great art. Ranging from the sculptures you can see here. To some very delicate watercolour canvas paintings. By know you should know from the rest of my blog (and if you don't you should read my blog and catch up) i am really into trees and plants. So sculptures of this kind are right up my street.
As you can see all these pieces are really great. Not only are there over sized heads standing tall, there are also heads floating in trees and heads hidden in alcoves in the wall. It's a really great place, the mix of art and celtic mythology creates a really great atmosphere.
So it was a pretty good afternoon. I got to spend some time with my girl friend. I got to take some good pictures. But most importantly i got to eat some really good food. Even though i didn't get all the pictures that i wanted, i feel like i still got some great photos plus because i still got some more photos to take it gives me another excuse to go to the Fwrrwm and eat some more great food.
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