Thursday, 30 July 2009

Banksy, You Made Me Wet! But Was it Worth It?

I won't make you wait for the answer. Was it worth it...Yes. Let me explain more about it. I've been waiting for ages to go and see Banksy's exhibition at the Bristol Museum and Arts Center.

Before i go into it more you might not know who Banksy is. Well Banksy is a guy who goes around and does wall art and other kind of art related stunts. Many many people love his work but others are not so hot on his work and class it as vandalism. Personally i think he is great. He says things that other people might not have the guts to say. Look here for more on him.

We (me and my girlfriend again) left from Newport early in the morning and arrived at Bristol train station to a monsoon welcome. It was hammering down. But undeterred we ventured out into the monsoon rain to find Banksy's exhibition.

It was actually pretty straight forward. Except from the rain and getting stupidly wet. We got to the Museum in an uneventful fashion. Along the way we filled up on bacon sarnies and coffee at a hip cafe. I also found my first Banksy wall art.
To say i was excited was a pretty bit understatement. I was grinning from ear to ear and couldn't wait to get in. With a jump in my step (which made a weird kind of squelching noise) we made our way to the entrance only to be stopped just before the door. A big burly guy notified us that the que was around the next corner. Doh! Plus it started to rain very hard again.
Well my jump was starting to vanish but i have waited too long to turn back and go home. So we waited. Got even wetter. Got even colder. Got more hungry and this was in the first five minutes. To be fair the que moved pretty fast. And the weather got better. Then Worse again. Then better. Then Worse again. You get the picture, it was showery. While waiting we did find a great little peice of Banksy's work
Spotting this really gave us another Bansky kick. Not long after, we got into the museum and spent around 45 minutes looking around. I took some pictures of my favourites and put them into a little fim to show all those who will not get a chance to see it.
If anyone has had the good fortune of seeing this exhibit why not share your veiws and expereinces and leave a comment? If you haven't been and have anything to say about Banksy's work (and there is a lot to say) then why don't you share it with everyone?
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