Monday, 17 August 2009

No Pictures Today Sorry

I've just got to the point now that life is going back to normal after a couple of mad mad weeks.

Firstly it started off with the spur of the moment mountain bike trip to North Wales. Then it continued with finishing my part time job. I been working there for just over a year but there were no tears. We're guys, of course there were no tears. There were a few beers though. Always a few beers with the guys at work. Then it finished off with a quick trip to Falmouth. Which ended with a day of chilling which included hours and hours of how clean is your house? and come dine with me! If your not into your day time telly, they are rubbishy telly programs that are highly addictive.

All in all it was a great couple of weeks. Met some cool people, took some very nice pictures but most importantly i have started on the road to my next life. Which is really weird because for the last couple of years i have felt that i have been on a hamster wheel. 3 years of college, i had to start the year over again because i had to move to another college and a lot of doing nothing important is actually ending.

I am moving out and moving onwards. And i totally can't wait. Change is very important. It allows you to grow as a person. But most importantly, if you're in a rut (personally i am not) then it lets you get out of it.
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