Sunday, 16 August 2009

Falmouth Times

So after the lovely day we had in the car the day before, the weather was pretty miserable the next day. But it didn't spoil the day.
Even though the weather wasn't great, it did give me this great photo, so it's all good! Throughout the day we got soaked in that miserable type of drizzle that you get only in the UK. After venturing out of the harbour we walked along the scenic drive and hit the castle.
The castle was held as a base for combating smuggling. Then in more recent history, as a coastal defence in World War 1 and 2. From the top of the castle, you could see all of Falmouth and the surrounding countryside. I reckon the view from top would have been great if there wasn't so much mist enshrouding the view.
After walking around the castle and experiencing the daily sounding of the gun at midday, we headed back to the harbour. After a hard days walking around, we had a really hearty dinner of pie and chips. Just what we needed.
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