Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Won't it stop raining?

For anyone in the UK at the moment. Be it on holiday, on summer vacation from school/university or taking a couple of days off from work, the weather isn't very summery. Britons should be used to our non-summer weather by now. As it is too wet to go out you might be sitting, looking out of a window and thinking "Why raindrops come in so many sizes?"

Well the answer is at hand. Here, on the BBC website, it is explained that raindrops over a certain size are too heavy/large to stay in one droplet. They flatten as they race to Earth from the clouds. Air then creates a pocket in the rain drop and bursts into many smaller droplets.

Fascinating, but it doesn't really give us any hope of a nice summer does it?! The worse thing about the British weather is we get a week of really nice weather then a month of really bad weather. It's like the weather gods are playing game with us mere mortals. It makes planning an outing a game of Russian roulette.

But these rainy days arn't all bad. It's good laying in bed (till 11am) weather. Also its a good time for going out for a walk, with your favourite person in the whole world on one arm and a large brolly in the other.

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