Tuesday, 21 July 2009


So the weather is totally pants. There is no opportunity for (mis)adventure. And the most exciting thing i have left in my life is buying new tyres for my mountain bike and sorting through some photos from the summer so far.

These are a selection of photos that i took when Becky (my girlfriend) and i went to the beach one sunny sunny day. The beach we chose for this particular outing was Ogmore along the South Coast of Wales.

It's a beautiful stretch of coastline that is just off the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, but none the less beautiful. That's only if you can get over the litter in the car park. South Wales is notoriously bad for litter. It's something to do with the attitude of the people and it really gets up my nose because now i am rambling on about how bad the litter is when i should be talking about our beach adventure.
The geology of the area is just spectacular. The geology ranges from warm tropical seas that laid a foundation of Carboniferous Limestone to flash floods creating conglomerate rock deposited by wadis during dry and arid periods of time. In the picture above the Carboniferous Limestone has been uplifted and manipulated into the shelf like structures you can see. This was created by mountain building tectonic activity. For more on the geology of Ogmore and the surrounding areas have a look here.
I found these plants growing in the cracks of a rock overlooking the sea. It is amazing to find plants growing in this harsh environment. It is just shows how diverse the range of habitats plants can survive in is. It provided a great picture. Though i have to admit that it was a bit dangerous getting to it. But i was careful and lived to take photos another day.
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