Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A Little Update

With the excitement of my new camera and the fact that i haven't stopped all weekend, i never told you about what i got up to over the weekend.

It started off with the purchase of my camera. It was a lot of money but well worth it. We got home sharpish from the shops and got ready to go back out. A car ride, another car ride, a train ride and then a walk later we got to Bristol where i finally got a pint. A couple of hours later we were in the que, warming up by jumping up and down on the spot, for Bill Bailey. Anyone who doesn't know who he is, you have my permission to go off my blog and google him. He's a really funny, intelligent and witty comedian who plays musics, talks about relevant topic and just generally seems nice and naturally funny.

On the Sunday, we clambered out of bed and rushed into the car. There was not even time for a coffee. We drove down to Cardiff and put up my girl friend's art up into an exhibition about Sex, Anarchy and Wales. It was a really good exhibition. It was very off the cuff as there were bands playing, short movies being played and poetry being read out.

So a very busy weekend of culture. Throughout the weekend i experienced two activities that i have done before and i am really glad that i got the chance to do them.
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