Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Grave Yard

I'm not normally a church grave yard kind of person. I am not a goth and i am not religious so they don't represent all that much for me. But i wandered into this one the other day because many of the graves were in state of disrepair or they had quite nice carvings on them.

But being in this grave yard got me thinking. The western way of dealing with death and bereavement can't really be all that healthy? We mourn loss of life rather than celebrate a life that has lived. The deeper issue for me is why take the space to bury someone in plot with a coffin. Why not go for a eco-burial and plant a tree rather than a headstone.

My feelings on the subject are still rather up in the air about this one. Many people will all have different ideas about it. And some people try not to think about it at all. I would love to know how everyone else feels about this subject? Have your say and comment.

More pictures can be found HERE!
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