Tuesday, 4 August 2009

North Wales Mountain Bike Trip, Part 2

Hehehehehe *nervous laugh* i'm nearly done packing for our trip mountain biking but i have way too much stuff.

I really have tired to pack light.


Mountain bike cloths, food, stove, normal cloths, wellies, sleeping bag, pillow, spare shoes and one bike.

If i try and leave something out i either won't have anything to eat, wear or ride on. The problem is i can't be left out of all the fun and i get really cranky if i don't eat. So it looks like i will be living in boxer shorts for the three days.

Because we have to pack so much, who ever gets stuck in the back is going to be uncomfortable. Shizz, it's probably going to be me. I am the youngest, i am the smallest and i am the only Welshman, the other guys are English.


By the end of it. The car is going to stink. And i mean reek. I won't have a pair of dry undies left. I'm not moaning honest.

Actually i really can't wait for it. Good mountain biking, even better company and a few brewskis.


Even if it does pour down all of the time. At least we are all going to be in the same boat. I mean god dammit. We're British. We are used to rainy holidays.
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