Thursday, 27 August 2009


A couple of weeks ago my girl friend and myself went to falmouth to move some of her stuff into her new house. While we were there we went to walk around the castle and i took this photograph. I left it un-edited for a while but i decided to make it black and white and sharpen the image up. I think it works pretty well as black and white.

I've learned something about black and white over the last couple of days. Not only from trying to use it in my own photos but i have been looking at lots of different photoblogs, that are far superior to my blog, and come to the conclusion that it doesn't always work well. The skill is to pick out the ones that do work.

Unlike on the last couple of posts, there wasn't much of a process in figuring out what worked well for this photo. Mainly becuase i was actually happy with what the end result of my fiddling was.
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