Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Struggle

Reader, i have a confession. I am not all that great at writing posts. I dread them. I lose sleep over them. I take about five different drafts before a post goes up. But for me, it's the most rewarding part of keeping a blog.

It's 1am, i have work in the morning and all i can think about is my next post. I have to admit that i do have a plan for all my posts. It's a great idea. On every blogging tip site i have looked at (the best one i have found so far is Blogging Tips) they go on about keeping an eye on what the audience wants, what content you put in and so on... But i have that blogging itch. I haven't posted in a couple of days. I'm getting twitchy. All i have been doing is cleaning things up, writing up my weekly review of my blog and editing older posts. Boring. All the while telling my self "wait till Monday, you can make it" but i simply can't.

So i was thinking, should i carry on with my posting plan or should i write about rubbish. I chose rubbish. Well random more than rubbish. Random acts of warmth are what really makes the world turn. They also keep people sane and prove that there is some humanity left. On a rainy day in Cape Town in Kirstenbosch i found something that puts a smile on my face whenever i look at it.

I walked around a corner and found a couple of wooden gorillas staring at me. I don't know why i like picture so much. I like monkeys but not really a fan of wood carving. I think it was the fact that these gorillas took me by surprise and put a huge smile on my face. So now whenever i see this picture i just smile.

I think everyone, who is into taking photos, have at least one kind of photo like this. This one is mine. And now everyone on the blogging sphere can share this one.
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