Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Fox Glove

Me and my girl friend went on a walk the other day and as usual i took my camera along with us. The above photo is of the inside of a tuba of a Fox Glove (Digitalis purpurea ). Normally i don't like these flowers all that much. To be honest i consider them to be a weed rather than a flower. I did a little research on them after i took this picture. I knew already that some species tend to be toxic but i didn't know how toxic it was. Not only can it cause wild hallucinations, delirium and headaches but it can kill you. But it's not all bad, some of the compounds in the plant can be used for heart disease. For more information on the Fox Glove have a look here.

Identifying the Fox Glove was easy. This plant was a little more difficult. I believe that this is Slender St Johns Wort. Though i could be mistaken, i have been in the past i will be in the future. I am going to walk back up too where i found it and take some more photos and find out for definite.

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