Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Epic Clean, Part 2

As i am trying to save some money i am only replacing gear cables and tires. The rest of the bike i am just cleaning making sure it is at least in working order.

After part one the next step was too take off the brake capillar and the mech so it is easier to clean the frame. I sponged the frame, the mech and the brake capillar using the de-greaser i used in part one. I took the smaller brush taking any oily grime off all the parts and then sponge down any left over muck.

I wiped down the bike with a old towl which then removes anything that you may have missed. I then took some disc cleaner and cleaned down the discs. Getting rid of any oily substances on the disc will mean improved braking in all conditions. Without cleaning the discs it can seem that they work pretty well in drier conditions but as soon as they get wet, you can really feel how much the performance is impaired with any substances on the disc.
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